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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lyme Disease ... My Journal of Thoughts!

This is the beginning of my journal about my journey with Lyme Disease ... honestly I am not even sure where to start. But I feel the need to document my journey. Why here? Well, because I have read many peoples stories about their journeys and although they often share a common thread they each are different and sometimes I can relate and sometimes not so much! I do not wish to just complain, but probably will quite a bit ... BUT I do wish to share with others just in case they can relate to my journey. 

Here are a few things that I know today:


     2. I have no answers.
     3. There is a lot of information out there.
     4. There is not enough information out there. 
     5. There are MANY people out there that can relate to the above!

Okay, so this is the beginning of a journal for me ... I will welcome any thoughts, ideas, stories, links, etc... and I will share what I find. 

Peace, love and kindness, Amy

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  1. You've been on this journey for too long and I wish you answers and health and I'm sending tons of strength and love to you.


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