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Monday, January 4, 2016

Window Sills

Tonight for some reason I was inspired to share with you about my window sills ... this is a little corner of my window sill in my kitchen ... please look beyond the dust, need for new paint and windows that need washing to the trinkets ... I LOVE window sills .. mine seem to always get filled with little treasure, each with a story or memory. 

Here you will see a toad stool made by Dan's mom, some polished rocks, which I find all over our house at times and set on different window sills! 

A little quail .. I can not remember when or exactly where I found it but it was at a lawn sale somewhere! I am not even sure what made me buy it but I have had it for quite some time and I always feel like it needs to be in areas where I spend a lot of time. In our moving around it has become lost many times and I never worry about it but am always happy when I find it! I have never really thought much about it until right now, as I type this post. 

(quick pause to do some research)

So with a little research I am seeing that a quail as a spirit animal has some meanings that I can see me wanting to keep around. Things such as living close to the Earth, protection, family, grounding, courage to face hardship, ability to blend in with he back ground, finding peaceful solutions to peril, etc... I like all these and now know more about why I like my little quail. 

Next to my little quail friend I have a candle (I have several of these on window sills around my house). This particular candle I think of as my strength candle, I have several on this window sill and most mornings I light them and think of all the people that I am sending strength to that day. Then through out the day when I see their flickering light, it reminds me of so many people who need extra thoughts sent their way!

My sills are filled with many trinkets ... rocks to candles to toys and often a cat basking in the sun! 

What is on your window sills?

Peace, love and kindness,