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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Here I am starting another blog ... I use to have a blog and loved it, for several years I wrote quite regularly on it. I liked it. I loved comments from my few faithful followers and although it was nothing special it was a place to put my thoughts, share recipes and ideas and sometimes have a debate. Over the past few years I did not make time for it ... and because I am a procrastinator, I lost all the files. Oh well, no big deal, like I said it was not anything that is not replaceable. 

So anyways, I am here today to say that I think I am going to give this a try, once again. I find myself composing posts in my head ... things I want to share, even if no one wants to listen! I have tried to use Facebook for this some but find that it is just not the right place. We will see how this all goes. I look forward to meeting some new friends and having some fun conversations.

I hope that this space will provide a safe, loving, peaceful place for people ... a place that hard topics and fun topics alike can be discussed without being unkind. 

Please stick with me while I figure this all out, I am sure there will be many changes, mistakes and such while I learn this system. But all in all I hope it is fun!

Peace, Love and Kindness,

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